Mimikyu Kigurumi Onesie

mimikyu kigurumi

Mimikyu Kigurumi Onesie

Whether you want to be the star of the show at your next costume party or are looking for a fun way to celebrate an upcoming birthday, a mimikyu kigurumi costume is the perfect choice Chipmunk Onesies With a wide selection of designs, you can find something to match your personality.


Until recently, Kigurumi animal onesies were a rare sight in the Western world. However, with the rise of Japanese fashion in the late 1990s, Kigurumi started to appear in Japan and became a part of the street style in Japan and Shibuya. In 2011, Kigurumi started making its way to the Western world. One of the key companies in the Kigurumi industry is SAZAC, which specializes in Kigurumi designs and products. They are available in Europe, Asia, and the United States Hedgehog Onesies

The original SAZAC designs feature a unique Japanese aesthetic. The designs are made of the highest quality materials and are durable enough to withstand the wildest parties and deepest naps. In fact, SAZAC Kigurumi can be found at festivals and events across the country.


Using a cap on Mimikyu Kigurumi is not just a gimmick. It is the perfect accessory to help you capture your inner Mimikyu. In addition to the standard features, the hat is also adjustable, making it easy for you to wear it for hours on end. Unlike most hats, the Mimikyu hat is not only cute, it is also warm. And the best part is that it is not as hard to wash as you may think. The fabric is also durable enough for long term wear. So if you are planning to buy a Mimikyu Kigurumi, you will definitely get your money’s worth!

Of course, you can also find the hat at a comic book convention, as well as in retail stores and on line. This hat has a lot of fancy features, and it’s definitely a must have for any Pokemon enthusiast. It is also a good idea to check out the rest of the Sazac line before you make your final decision. The company is known for their high quality fabric and impeccable attention to detail.

Custom orders

Whether you are interested in buying a new Kigurumi onesie or want to create your own custom order, here are a few places you can go. All of these companies offer a variety of options, and all of their products are handcrafted. These companies will take up to 3 weeks to complete your custom order, and shipping time will vary.

Sazac is one of the most well-known kigurumi companies in Japan. Their kigurumi are made from 100% polyester fleece and have impeccable detail. The hoods come in different colors and patterns, and they feature feline faces and realistic fur prints. The fabric is soft and comfortable, making them perfect for a night on the couch. You can even get a San-X character hood with ears! The company has a variety of other cute stuff for sale, too.

Yotsubanoclover is a Russian company that specializes in custom handmade kigurumi. They offer a huge variety of options, and will customize any kigurumi to fit any body size. They also ship from Russia, which will add some time to your custom order.